Types of Sexually Transmitted Diseases & Treatments

Being active in the bedroom with a loved one can be one of the best things a human can experience. One-night stands are liberating and can be sexually relieving. Having sexual relations with multiple partners is nothing to be ashamed of, and no one should be scorned for exploring their sexuality or curiosity. However, doing so without protection or precautions to sexually transmitted disease is a major problem that everyone should avoid.

The treatment for the sexually transmitted disease that the patient has will vary according to what disease is. If the patient has gonorrhea or chlamydia, then they have a bacterial infection. This means that their treatments usually involve an anti-bacterial medication. This medication can be provided orally by a doctor at our Coral Springs walk in health clinic through a pill or injection.

Since these two infections are so frequent and so common, if the patient has one they’re usually tested and treated for both. And since it’s so common, sexual partners should also be treated as they have a likelihood of having it too.

Syphilis can be treated with a single injection of penicillin if it’s recognized in its early symptoms, usually within the first year of having it. To make sure that the syphilis doesn’t spread, the patient who has it should avoid having intercourse with anyone until the sores that are produced by the infection heal completely. However, if the symptoms are not recognized and treated early, more antibiotics and longer treatments would occur. If the person who has it does not know it or goes untreated, syphilis could worsen to the point of death. If the medical treatment comes too late, then the damage syphilis has caused is irreversible.

Something like genital herpes isn’t something that can be cured, however there is medication that can prevent and lessen the symptoms. At our urgent care facility in Coral Springs, we can provide antiviral medication to the patient who has genital herpes to lessen the severity and length of outbreaks that genital herpes causes.

If there is worry to passing it on to a sexual partner, then the Coral Springs walk in clinic doctor can prescribe a patient daily antiviral medication to keep the infection from spreading. Mothers who are expecting may potentially pass it on to their children, so it’s best to take preventive care and seek medical advice and treatments.

Lastly, AIDS is not a curable disease. Treatments for AIDS focus on the prevention of contracting HIV in dangerous levels. The medication given is to make sure HIV levels are stable. Medication given is usually in large quantities, a smoothie of medication, for example. While the drugs may have discomforting side effects and people avoid early treatment because of this, some encourage medication procedures be taken right away. It depends on the patient’s doctor on what method to take to keep the STD in check.

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How to Improve Your Health: Do Yoga


Yoga has a long and storied history of enhancing the mind and body in a wide myriad of ways. Of course, a good workout at our Coral Springs yoga studio has a way of relieving stress, and making you feel relaxed and rejuvenated, but that is only a start. Here are some very specific ways that yoga can benefit your insides and outsides.

- More efficient blood circulation – As you can imagine, if the blood circulating through your body can reach every organ and extremity with equal (or nearly equal) ease, that would be a good thing. Efficient circulation can prevent conditions such as varicose veins and overly high/low blood pressure.

- Massage internal organs – Just as yoga can reduce the stress on your feet, back, and other external parts of your body, so to can it benefit your internal organs. Yoga can help to make your liver, kidneys, and other organs work more effectively.

- Normalize your metabolism – Your metabolism plays a critical role in controlling your body weight. For example, a slowed metabolism usually translates into increased weight gain. This is not a good thing for most people. But yoga helps to stimulate the thyroid gland which will bring your metabolism into a normalized range, thus causing your weight to be brought into proper alignment.

- More efficient heart beat rate – Of course, no one wants their heat rate to beat rapidly at 100 beats per minute. This would be a clear sign that it is operating inefficiently. That could translate into a stroke or heart attack. Performing yoga will help you tap into the heart’s parasympathetic nervous system and relax it.

- More efficient breathing – When you can consistently breathe the right way, it will lead to more oxygen being delivered to your cells and more efficient use of your lungs. As a result, you’ll have more energy, healthier body, and a greater sense of well-being.

- Stronger immune system – One of the key players in your immune system is the thyroid gland. Yoga helps to stimulate this gland, thus strengthening it and your immune system.

- Stronger back muscles – One of the most common ailments among people is lower back pain. Sometimes the pain can be so sharp that some people simply can’t move from laying on their sofa. Weakened back muscles will in turn have an impact on posture. After all, it’s hard to stand up straight when your back is killing you. Yoga exercises can help to decompress the spine and strengthen those muscles.

- Reduce stress – Your muscles are like rubberbands. So when they are stressed, they get tighter and tighter. Sometimes they can even build up knots. This is why some people must then seek deep tissue massages to get their muscles to detangle and relax. Yoga can accomplish the same thing for the entire body. The methods of stretching the muscles keep them flexible and relaxed.

As you can see, there are a world of benefits to incorporating yoga into your daily life. And the benefits I mentioned above are just a small fraction of how yoga can enhance your mind and body. So, we invite you to change and improve your life by taking yoga classes and training at the Coral Springs yoga studio.